Before filling out the course application form, read carefully "Introduction to the Technique and the Code of Discipline"


To apply for a course please go to Course Schedule page, select a course open for application and click "Apply" next to the course dates. Old students can apply to give service during a course. To apply for service, please fill out the application form and select "Serve" at the bottom of the third page (Step 3).


If you name contains accented characters (ie JĀNIS OZOLIŅŠ) or cyrillic letters, it should be written in UPPERCASE.


If the status of the course is changed to "Wait list", then more applications have been received that there are places in the course. In this case you may still apply for the course, however, a place can not be guaranteed.


*Those who have received a confirmation of acceptance for the course, will be asked to reconfirm their intention to participate four weeks before the course. If a person fails to reconfirm two weeks before the course or cancels his or her application earlier, the vacant place will be offered to applicants in the waiting list.